iSTAR for policymakers


The International Panel on Climate Change has already identified sea-level rise as the greatest uncertainty in terms of understanding future global change.  As the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is one of the biggest and least well understood potential contributors to sea level rise, iSTAR results will contribute to improved sea level estimates in the 6th IPCC report.

The research outcomes from iSTAR will improve our ability to make more accurate predictions about climate and sea level in low-lying areas for the next decades.  These predictions are essential for informing policy officials within Government departments, business leaders and national agencies with responsibility for planning sea level defences.

Our results will contribute to the development of the UK’s First Flood Research Strategy.  Scientists from the iSTAR programme are currently working UK organisations including the Environment Agency and the cross research-council’s ‘Living With Environmental Change’. Our research will help inform government policy, business and society.

As the science programme progresses we aim to present key results to parliamentarians and policy makers.